February Favorites

My 2016 365 Project rolls on. February always feels like a month that I could do without, but we have been very lucky with a mild winter and some really beautiful days. However, I am more than ready for Spring and longer days filled with lingering after dinner light. I had to dig my heels in deep this month to find what inspired me every day and sometimes, it was just that, the every day. Our quiet routines. Life was very quiet this past month, but good, and I’ll happily take that. Here are some February favorites.


I continue to share my 365 on my Instagram account found here. For my photographer friends/readers, I’m also sharing on Flickr. Come find me there! xo

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January Favorites

2016 marks the beginning of another Project 365, a commitment to daily shooting. I’ve been sharing my 365 on my Instagram account which is here in an effort to lessen my time on FB, which has been a great breather. Winter, for me, is a time to dive deeper, reflect over the past year’s work, and dig into personal shooting.  I may or may not start sharing on my business Facebook page again. I haven’t decided. I do plan on sharing each month here. Here are a handful of favorites from my daily shooting in January.



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Darcy Troutman - i love these images and i love the flow of the post as well. january at it’s happiest.

admin - Thank you, Darcy! Thanks for taking the time to look!

From the Masters: Monthly Project

A few months ago, I fell in love with a photography project a few of my friends were participating in called  “From The Masters”. Each month they select one “master” photographer, study his or her work intently, and then shoot inspired by that master photographer for the month. Genius and inspiring. To me, it was the perfect antidote to staying inside one’s comfort zone and remedy for continued growth and inspiration.  I needed THAT.  Lately, I’ve felt I needed a big push, something more…something to challenge me. I fell in love with this project as I watched a handful of my photographer friends produce work the last few months that made me weak at the knees…images that felt WORKED for.  I was incredibly honored and excited when they asked me to participate in their group. I guess I gushed enough to make them open the door to me and I am so grateful. It is just what I needed to feel inspired again and challenge myself in my personal work.

This month, we studied the master photographer, William Eggleston. Eggleston was a master of photographing the obvious while demonstrating a very keen awareness of composition and color theory. His work focuses on the vivid beauty and complexity of the mundane world. He gives equal value to the vernacular as one would give a beautiful landscape.  His photographs are meticulously controlled and often, he took one shot of a frame after studying a scene and moved on. As I shot this past month with Eggleston in mind, I realized how incredibly difficult it is to photograph the mundane beautifully. He makes it look so easy and honestly, I have a looooong way to go to making a lightbulb look good.  I fumbled a lot, but in the end, decided to focus on color and composition while walking about the streets of Cleveland.  I also pulled a few from my archives that I felt aligned with Eggleston’s characteristics. If you want to learn more about Eggleston’s work, this is a good link.

Here are a handful of my shots inspired by William Eggleston. Here’s what I learned about myself shooting inspired by Eggelston. I’m not capable of it, yet. It’s incredibly difficult for me to photograph the vernacular. It takes the art of seeing to a different level to shoot like him.  He’s insanely gifted seeing the “beautiful ugly”.  His use of color and eye for it is INSANE.  But, here’s the thing. Now I want to. I realized and recognized this is a serious skill. A really, really serious and beautiful skill and I’m bound and determined to continue working on it, not just outside my home, but inside.  I’m not particularly proud of these photographs to be honest, but that wasn’t the point of this exercise. The process, not the end point, is what I valued most about this assignment. The point is, I learned something new and pushed outside my comfort zone. I’m really thankful for that. After taking a peek at my images, continue viewing our project by heading on over to the talented Kari Wattenbarger by clicking HERE and see how she was inspired by Eggleston.






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From the Masters - William Eggleston | Soul Threading - […] Go on and check out some of Aimee’s work here! […]

Lauren - You make me want to pack my bags and move to Cleveland. SO many cool things to see!! I love love the yellow tree and the car…and I swear I can see Eggleston walking around shooting pictures in that neighborhood photo where you’re in the middle of the road. I think he would be pretty comfy there. 🙂

Kari - I love all the colors Aimee! I keep looking at the last photo too…something about the pop of color in the back row that I just love!

Stacey - These are beautiful Aimee! The feet shot and girl on the bike, they are all great representations of Egglestons work, but in another view.

Anto - Aimee, THESE images are so good!!!!! I NEED to go to the place of the last picture 😉

Cleveland Lifestyle Family Photography: A Walk to the Park With the Kocian Family

Earlier this month, I photographed this beautiful family as they took a walk from their home on an early Fall morning to their favorite park and then back home again.  Some of our favorites from their everyday on a weekend morning…

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Cleveland Family Lifestyle Photography: A Morning with the Sammon Lobozzo Family

Joe fell in love with Peggy as he heard her coming around a bend in the dark, belting out that  John Denver “Country Roads”  tune up a mountain trail in Alaska. Fresh out of college, they were both in Alaska completing a year in the Jesuit Volunteer Corp. Nineteen years and four children later, they are now living a life in Ohio filled with laughter, love, kindness, and adventure. This is one of those families whose space you feel is sacred…they move effortlessly into one another and take the bumps with stride. They laugh, A LOT, and they love hard. I was so honored to photograph their “sacred space” one  Sunday morning, as one of their friend’s commented on a breakfast table shot I shared on Facebook. Your home is the best place for photographs. It IS your family’s sacred space…with all of its messy, lovely, difficult, funny, challenging, honest, complicated, and unbelievably beautiful moments. Meet the Sammon Lobozzo’s.


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Caitlin - <3 them all! The pictures and the people.

Jodi - So much joy and love in these shots. And it is far from my bias talking! <3 Great shots, great family!

Teresa Sammon Lichtcsien - Wow, Aimee…..you captured the very essence of the very loving, comfortable, kind, inviting and fun Sammon/Lobozzo crew. You could stop by any day of the week and get the same thing. Love every single picture!