Let Them Be Little

Sometimes, as a parent, I have to be willing …To abandon the original mission…And go with the flow…Of my kids just wanting to be kids…And discovering something new…If it means, it makes them this happy…Because, these moments are so fleeting. Please continue our blog circle and make your way around to my friend and talented photographer, Erin, by clicking here. This is our last month as a blog circle. Next month, an exciting collaborative change is taking place with my dear lifestyle group. Can’t wait to share it!

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Julie Mak » Let Them Be Little [July] - […] of their little ones.  Next up is my good friend and mom of two adorable girls, the talented Aimee McNamee.  And make sure to come back next month because we have something new and exciting to […]

Colie - Love them. We need the girls to get together simply so they can convince Chloe her helmet is OK to wear. I do prefer the “clean” way my child plays in the sand though 😉

Julie M - Love the story that you’ve told here Aimee! That last image is my favorite. You are right, the moments are so fleeting!

Erin - Love this Aimee! You tell such great stories with your photos. LOVE the picture with the toes in the sand. Awesome.

Laura - What a fun story! Love unexpected adventures!

Piper - Love these! I love that you made something beautiful out of a simple sandbox. LOVE the black and whites!

Erica Collins - Oh, my boys would love you! Abandoning the “original mission” to play in wet sand…well, that would be heaven for them!! Great series, Aimee!!

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