Let Them Be Little

It’s back to shooting and sharing on my blog for me. It’s been awhile and thanks to the push my dear friends that I met while taking a photography class have given me, here I am. It’s time again for our monthly “Let Them Be Little” post. After taking a peek at my post, please continue our blog circle to my  talented friend and photographer, Erica Collins, of Five Little Ones, by clicking here.

She was born nine years ago this Thursday. When I see images like this come out of my camera, I am swept into the future…I see her in my mind as a woman and I wonder, imagine, and dream about all of the things she will do, lead, follow, make, create, be and accomplish. I wonder who will first steal her heart, who will break her heart, and ultimately, who will keep and bind her heart to theirs. I wonder if she will wear flowers in her hair on that special day.  I see the woman she will become. And, I am full of hope. That is her name after all, Libbie Hope.


And then, as quickly as I turn out images that make me imagine her future, I turn out images that remind me she’s still just a girl and that we have awhile to let her be little. We have time to relish her and see her enjoy all the things little girls enjoy…a morning at the beach with messy braids in her hair, a mid-afternoon rest in our hotel room in her bathing suit with her relished souvenir at Disney…and of all things, a doll she chose. She’s a young girl full of great love for the world and quiet, witty, sweet heart. Happy Birthday, Libbie Hope.





Oh, and Libbie? Thank you for being so patient with this one on our trip:

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let them be little | June » myeverydayblessings - […] a random sampling of what my little one has been up to this past month. Up next is my dear friend, Aimee, who does a such a fabulous job of capturing beautiful moments with her two […]

Colie - Welcome back Aimee! I am so happy to see these images of Libbie, beautiful. Happy early Birthday Libbie!!!

Erin - So beautiful Aimee! As always! I love those black and whites of the girls playing together.

Jessie Wixon - Happy Birthday Libbie! I love all of these images and our girls would really get along so incredibly well. Literally just tonight mine were spraying and brushing and braiding their American Girl dolls hair! I loved all your perspectives here! Such beautiful girls.

Julie M - Oh Aimee, this is such a beautiful post. I got a lump in my throat reading the beginning and seeing it accompanied by that first image. I feel as if I can really see the many sides of Libbie! I’m so glad you’re back!

Laura - Such touching words and beautiful images! That first one is just stunning and I loved seeing them play dolls together. Happy birthday to Libbie!

Karilee - So sweet Aimee! I love the pictures, she’s looking more like you <3

Erica Collins - Your words break my heart, Aimee. It was only just a few short years ago that I felt the same way about my Aubry. You are getting a glimpse into the wonderful woman that she will be and as bittersweet as it is, you will always have these gorgeous images to remember this stage. And, that last one…I love!!!

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